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THIS IS AN EXTREMELY IMPORTANT VIDEO TO WATCH. IGeneX, Inc. - Lyme testing discussion Robert O. Giguere, director of sales for IGeneX, Inc., explains Lyme disease testing at a talk in Fishkill early this month. The Palo Alto, Calif., company uses additional markers for Lyme under which some people test positive who have been negative 

Behind the scenes video from the Poughkeepsie Journal

Flunking the Lyme test

NO SMALL THING....ONE WOMANS STRUGGLE TO REGAIN HER HEALTH...(If your doctor will only give you the standard 28 days of medication...FIND ANOTHER DOCTOR!

VVH-TV News -- Lyme Disease: Medical Nightmare (Part 1) - YouTube

Sep 8, 2007 ... been a particular hotspot for Lyme disease and Kilb describes Shelter Islanders

he knows with chronic cases of the disease. (c) Video Voice ...


A news report

Dr. Joe Jemsek "Speaks the Truth" Speech - YouTube

Jul 20, 2009 ...Dr. Joe Jemsek ( discusses the controversy

surrounding Lyme disease and what action needs to be taken to provide patients

with better... ... You need Adobe Flash Player to watch this video.

Lyme Disease - YouTube

Oct 19, 2007 ... The Conspiracy of Lyme Disease by the resident Featured Video11971 views. The

progression of my experience with Lyme disease 10:24 ...

Under Our Skin - Extended Trailer - YouTube

Jan 8, 2008 ... You need Adobe Flash Player to watch this video

Lyme Disease: A Clear and Present Danger - YouTube

Sep 5, 2007 ... This 2006/2007 video was produced by Starving Artist Pictures and ... bite

because they either will disagree you have lyme disease altogether ...

MS?This is clip is from the TV show Chronicle. Do you know someone who has been diagnosed

A lost childhood...The hidden faces of Lyme Disease video

( I wanted to share this video of teens that are affected by Lyme )


This is a video done for the Poughkeepsie Journal.....Real faces...real people!

New Bill passes to disclose the that tests are not reliable enough to properly diagnose Lyme. Bill #S971 in 2013

How to protect yourself with all natural may or may not work but worth trying if you do not like pesticides

How to properly remove a tick